Welcome to Mountain Pine Floors. We are a small pine sawmill located in the southern Missouri Ozarks. We specialize in heart pine floors, clear vertical grain floors, as well as car siding, shiplap, barn siding, knotty pine paneling, beaded ceiling, and other interior architectural millwork. Our products look great in everything from new construction, to weekend cabins, or renovations where you want to add a touch of old American charm to your contemporary home.

What is Shortleaf Pine?

Shortleaf Pine is a slow growing member of the Southern Yellow Pine family. It prefers a cooler climate and rockier soil than its more popular cousins such as Loblolly, Slash, and Longleaf, which tend to grow better near the coast.
Our particular Shortleaf resource is an “island” of pine in the Ozark Mountains of south, central Missouri. This is native Shortleaf territory, and it is not connected geographically to the industrial stands of Loblolly pine further south in Arkansas. We are the only sawmill devoted entirely to Pine in the state of Missouri.
That means this resource is very high quality, and very sustainable. Missouri grows more than three times as much pine as is harvested each year. Our average log is approximately 80 years old. And Missouri is the extreme northern and western edge of the pine belt. So our logs grow slower, cleaner, and tighter than any pine resource in America. The quality and density of our pine is second to none!

Are Your Floors Reclaimed Wood?

No. Our floors are fresh sawn in our own sawmill, and then hand milled to our specifications. We do everything in house, from sawing the logs all the way to the finished flooring product. Our wood source is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Are All Your Floors Heart Pine?

Not all of them! We offer both heart wood and sap wood. Sap wood is the tighter grained, lighter colored wood from the outside of the tree. It offers a cleaner, more modern look than heart pine. See the photo of Clear Vertical Grain on our materials page to better understand the color and character difference between sap and heart pine. Check out our photo gallery for more information, or call us for some free samples.

What Is Heart Pine?

Heart pine is the red colored “dead” wood from the core of the pine log. This is the oldest wood, created when the tree was young. It is renowned as being harder than conventional pine, and has a warmer, honey red color.