Welcome to Mountain Pine Floors. We are a small pine sawmill located in the southern Missouri Ozarks. We specialize in heart pine floors, clear vertical grain floors, as well as car siding, shiplap, barn siding, knotty pine paneling, beaded ceiling, and other interior architectural millwork. Our products look great in everything from new construction, to weekend cabins, or renovations where you want to add a touch of old American charm to your contemporary home.

We offer pine flooring in Character, Clear Vertical Grain, and Heart Pine combinations. We sell job site quantities shipped direct to your project. Or, check out our truckload quantity discounts for distributors, wholesalers, and volume home builders. Most of our flooring is run in 4” nominal widths, ¾” thick, and 8’ long. But we can also custom cut wide plank flooring on special orders. We cut our wide plank flooring extra thick to prevent cupping. Call us for more information on your project.

#2 Character

Our most popular and economical pine floor. Each bundle has a little bit of everything: clear boards, knotty pine, vertical grain, even streaks of red heart and blue stain

Clear Vertical Grain

Clear Vertical Grain usually only found in Douglas Fir is now available from Mountain Pine Floors. CVG pine gives a very formal appearance to pine floors. A few imperfections such as tiny knots or color swirls break up the “perfect” look. (this is the current lower/right picture. Move it to upper/right)

Vertical Grain Heart

The perfect “antique heart pine floor” look. Rich warm, heart pine color, with formal vertical grain, and a few natural defects.

Character Heart

A mixed bag of read heart, vertical grain, flat grain, defects, and swirls of sapwood. Our most interesting floor choice. (current upper right picture moved to lower right)

We produce in standard Southern Yellow Pine pattern stock such as Car Siding, Shiplap, Barn Siding, Beaded Ceiling, and 10” Knotty Pine.
Tell us about your pine paneling needs, and we’ll see if we can help you out!

Car Siding Pine Paneling

We have all of our products in Blue Stain. This includes flooring, beaded ceiling, and our very popular 6” knotty pine #2 Blue Stain Tongue & Groove paneling.
Perfect for a cabin project or micro house.

We produce a beautiful grade of KD S4S pine boards including C/Better, #2, and #3/4 utility. Call us about Clear SYP trim boards for your building project.
We sell a lot of 1” purlin lumber for the metal roofing industry as well.

We offer rough, KD SYP boards for export in 25mm and custom dimensions. We grade our export boards as either #1 Prime/Better or #2 Prime. All boards are square edged with little to no wane. We use the St. Louis railhead for export to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East by 40’HC container.

We offer export logs in Red Oak, White Oak, Hickory, Ash, Cypress, and Southern Yellow Pine (SYP). All logs are cut to length, and graded to 3SC and better. Logs are scaled by Doyle or JAS scale.

Mountain Pine Floors
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